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Apr. 10th, 2013

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I am a right social libertarian
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its true. the word "purge" does send chills down my spine.
So I love J2 fan fiction. Both main characters are actually from Texas which brings my Texan's heart great delight. One of the main characters is even from my county! So that just makes it infinitely more awesome, right? Well...no. Wrong.

Most people seem to think all Texans have strong accents, ride horses, and live on farms. Not so. I myself lack a kick ass accent (in fact said kick ass accent was the butt of more than a few jokes growing up, and most people who even had a bit of twang were teased mercilessly. So, needless to say, the accent itself was not exactly the norm), and quite a few of the people I grew up with would balk at the thought of sitting atop a horse, same goes for dealing with farm living.
Richardson, where one of the main characters hails from, is in Collin County. While I'm not from that exact town, I am from that exact county, and I grew up in the next city over. Richardson? Not what most would call rural, and it hasn't been anything remotely rural for a good twenty odd years.
This is what I'm getting at: Why must these authors with these fantastic, well-written stories keep making it sound like it is? If they just typed "Richardson, TX" into wikipedia they would see that, ya, not exactly a small town!
See??? --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richardson,_Texas

But really, ignore me.

My Texas pride is just acting up. Maybe its from Texas withdrawal. IDK my BFF Sam Houston. D:


Advanced Cat Yodeling

Ugh. So reminds me of my kitty.


It happens. Which means the laziness increases. :P

But correge! I like :) Exams, not so much.